Roars of a Lioness

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The Roars

To Weep and to Worship

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 12:55 AM

Check out the (rough) audio of this poem here:

Tear stains on my glasses

Smile for the masses

Everyone expects it.


The classic, "I'm okay" with a happy emoticon

For if you say you're not, you've sinned,

You've committed a grave wrong


Yet, I've read my Bible cover to cover

And those are verses I have yet to discover

Actually, you'd be scandalized at what I've uncovered



My Bible says that there is a time for everything under the sun

My Bible says Jesus flipped tables at unrighteousness, at wrongs

My Bible says Paul got frustrated with sin in his life

My Bible says that Jesus wept when someone He loved died

Lamentation literally means the passionate expression of grief or sorrow;

And if you don't know about Psalms, then there's a Gideon bible you can borrow

For Anger, hurt, injustice, and cries are laid out

Not covered up by a fake smile, or given a clichéd handout


I don't know where Christians got this theology of perfection

Cause that seems to me to be a Pharisee's tradition

Becoming a deceitful invention: pretension.


That is not the gospel,

You know the good news that my sinful soul is saved from hell

Not because of who I am

But because of the Lion and the Lamb

The king in all majesty and authority,

becoming the sacrifice for my depravity

That I would be reconciled to Him for eternity

This relationship is one of intimacy and vulnerability.


In His presence

Venting without restraint (is okay)

Crying out in pain (is okay)

Admitting that living is hard (is okay)


It's in those moments that joy

Becomes more than just an emotion

But the state of my soul in any situation


When hope is no longer

A flimsy whimsical thing in the air

But something that anchors me

When falling into despair


This is when valleys are as valued as mountaintops

For they show everything He's brought us through and from

You catch your breath in awe at the view

And remember that you only made it because He breathed life into you

We have the privilege of entering into the throne room of the Most High,

With transparency

We are graced to do the impossible

And dwell in both extremes

To Weep and worship

To Praise in the pain

To Bring sorrow to the Saviour

To Be raw and revere Him for all of His ways

We are given the right to do so

It's a right that we will readily claim

For Abundant life never meant easy

And spiritual warfare is not a game

Endurance implies exertion

Perseverance, persecution

But we are not debilitated or paralyzed by tribulation

We are revived in His presence and spurred into action


We will be wounded, we will bleed, we will scar

But even if our eyes are welled up with tears,

We will [continue to] fix our eyes on the unseen

Even if we don't understand where we are 

We will be authentic about what we're going through

The imperfect are the ones who sit redeemed in the pews

The broken are the ones that He chooses to use

Hurting, angry, lonely one: Yes, you.


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