Roars of a Lioness

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About Me

My name is Sana'.

Thank you very much for stopping by this site. The fact that you chose to use some of your precious time to check this out humbles me. I hope you like your stay.

I'm just a woman in her twenties who's still learning and still growing, and enjoying every aspect of those processes. The young woman behind the screen is simply in love with God and committed to denying herself, taking up her cross and following Jesus daily, to give Him all the glory. And she may like to employ the third person, because why not?

Happy Reading, may your hearts be touched, encouraged and challenged and may your life be changed by One who guides my pen (or my fingers as I type on this keyboard).
Let my words be a Lighthouse,

So others don't go over-board.

Speak through me,

So that my words are never lies.

And allow whatever I say or write,

To change people's lives for the Better.

Because You are the Better,

And All Need You.




Loved us so much.

Gave up Your Son,

That we might be one?


Lord, all I ask is that You would


Take my heart,

My thoughts, dreams, desires

My soul, my very life

As a living sacrifice, as worship

And please,

Take my Words.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus

Christ, the love of God, and the

fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with

you all. - 2 Corinthians 13:14